First off, I apologize if there is already a dedicated thread for discussion related to The Glenrothes distillery, but I did a search and came up blank. My local Top Sekrit honey hole has a number of amazing deals on scotch, along with a lot of dusties (picked up a lagavulin 16 for $49 there today). Among the more interesting dusties to me are several extinct Glenrothes vintages. The one that caught my eye was a 1985 vintage (bottled in 2005) @ $104. They actually have a number of mid to late 80s vintages, but the remainder appear to be more standard ages. So here is the big question: How are the mid 80s vintages? If you've had the 85/05, please let me know if it is as tasty as it appears to be, but absolutely feel free to hijack this thread to discuss your thoughts on the distillery in general. Glenrothes is on my "to try" list, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.