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    Can you spot any mistakes in this bourbon article?

    Here's an article from 2 days ago "10 Things you didn't know about Kentucky and Bourbon". It seems there may be some mistakes in it comparing it to other things I have read.


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    Re: Can you spot any mistakes in this bourbon article?

    Just the usual stuff gleaned from distillery websites.
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    Re: Can you spot any mistakes in this bourbon article?

    Actually, while most disco balls are made in Kentucky and they are definitely identified with Kentucky, disco balls are not required to be made in Kentucky.

    Seriously, though, this article is pretty good as far as these type of things go. Usually they are riddled with stupid errors. You certainly could nitpick this one (as in the piece about TN whiskey which is basically JD's line, the oft-repeated inaccuracy that Congress declared bourbon to be "America's native spirit" or saying bourbon has to be aged two years by law, when that's the standard for straight bourbon only) but it's much better than most such articles. The one thing that sounds like total fiction to me is the bit about bartenders doing double pours to mix up the "suspended solids." This sounds like hokum that they probably got from some bartender who was making it up (not that there aren't fats in some bourbons but the idea that you somehow need to shake them up or that's the reason to do double pours).
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    Re: Can you spot any mistakes in this bourbon article?

    It's actually much better than most. For example, rather than just quoting the regs re '51% corn,' she notes how much distillers actually use. Most slop is fed to cows, not pigs or other livestock, so she got that little detail right too. As already mentioned, she's wrong about Daniel's and 'Native Spirit.' I doubt anyone at BT said they could stop making bourbon now and have enough for 20 years. I'd say five years, tops. There might be a germ of truth in the 'suspended solids' thing, although it's strictly cosmetic. A cold bottle might have some visible haze. I can't say if pouring that way eliminates it, but it's possible. It has nothing to do with flavor. And I really like the marijuana and disco balls thing, which so far as I know is true.



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