While there is a guy with a couple of horses on a farm near the train station, Tinley Park Illinois is to Kentucky as Walter White is to Innocent. I started drinking bourbon in College, usually the 101 Wild Turkey as the dollars to alcohol content was spot on. And Hunter Thompson drank Wild Turkey. I can remember a bourbon at college bars (SIU-Carbondale) called Belle of Kentucky. I think it was in a plastic bottle too. It replicates the drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth sensation.

As I got older my bourbon choices became wiser. Like most people who love bourbon I have tried to chase down Pappy 15, 20, 23 over the years but with no success. Now that I am even older, I have become more wise and chase less and enjoy more. I love Blanton's, Angel's Envy is a thing of beauty, and really love my Buffalo Trace. Someday I hope to encounter the elusive Pappy, but there are so many good bourbons and so little time as it is I am content to drink what I want, when I want.

One thing I have to say is that there are so many knowledgeable people on this site it is an invaluable resource. After reading a number of posts I have a whole new list of bourbons to try. I recently read some postings on rye whiskey's and now rye has gone from my I wont touch it with a stick list to a must have. I fell in love with several rye's, and it was from posts on this site that I found Angel's Envy and it is surreal good. Thanks for a great site, and for the people who make it great.