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    Re: Koval Offerings???

    I tasted through some of their offerings including the bourbon at the Indie Spirits Expo last week. As to impressions I will just politely say they had a couple of very personable and quite attractive woman working their booth.


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    Re: Koval Offerings???

    Quote Originally Posted by benpearson View Post
    While not aged long I enjoy the light oat. I don't enjoy the dark.
    Koval is kinda interesting. As I recall from one of their tastings the light and dark don't tell you much about the age of the whiskey. Has more to do with the char. Light whiskey is in a "toasted" barrel while the dark whiskey is in a more standard charred barrel. I think these are also aged in smaller barrels but don't know that for sure.

    I think of them all the spelt was the most interesting to me. Can't recall if it was the light or dark.
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    Re: Koval Offerings???

    I'm a fan off their offerings. Dark oat being my favorite of their line
    "We're still here. Scarred but here. But then again, we were invincible then."



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