For me there is no real transition, it's all in what I feel like that night. I rarely ever have a bourbon and a scotch in the same night, same with the Canadians or Irish whisk(e)ys, they all have their own characteristics. If I'm looking for that sweetness, in a cocktail, on the rocks, or neat, then the bourbons come out, slightly more often than the scotches in the summer. If I'm looking for something to sip over a long period of time enjoying the complexity then I reach for a scotch, slightly more often in the winter. Scotch itself has so many different styles that it's hard to even lump it into one category. My best scotch drinking buddy is a huge fan of the sherry bombs, my wife likes the peat, and I like the sweeter drams, though we all enjoy the entire range from time to time.

All that being said, if you struggled through the scotch you had, and if you try more and continue to struggle, why bother? Whisk(e)y, especially scotch, is faaaaar too expensive to force on yourself if you just really don't care for it. Drink what you like!