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    Dutch's Spirits Peach Brandy

    I want to draw attention to an outstanding product I tasted in Manhattan not long ago, a peach brandy from a New York State craft distiller, Dutch's Spirits. This outfit distills its products and the peach brandy is one of the best products I've encountered from the still-nascent craft spirits industry. It had a rich flavour of peach but the cask aging it receives (charred and toasted barrels are used) added a certain special quality: it wasn't whiskey but the aging treatment allies it to the fine whiskey tradition. The product struck me as having a good distillery character as well while avoiding the neutrality that comes with using a high proof off the still.

    Indeed, peach and apple brandies, i.e., liquors distilled from a mash of these fruits and sometimes aged as here, are an old American tradition. All the early whiskey texts treat of these as well as grain-based spirits. (Many here know the Laird's applejack products for example).

    The handsome label is just a bonus and for once the evocative, pre-Pro-type labelling meets its promise in the taste.


    I tasted mine at Birreria at Eataly, alongside a cask Saison of the house of a Sunday evening. Few moments in life are as perfect.

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