I was trying to come up with some thoughts on how to have an interesting whisk(e)y tasting that compared spirits from a variety of different countries. For example I can currently come up with a representative from each of these countries to include the US (bourbon, rye, other), Canada, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, France, Japan and Australia.

Albeit the options are limited for some places far more than others. There are many other limitations of course such as the broad spectrum of styles just from Scotland alone but what might one select to include in a multicultural whisk(e)y tasting?

I was thinking I would try to select things that might be good middle of the road choices without including something that was really hard to find. Would it be better to highlight the differences or try to look for the similarities?

What would be an interesting selection for a multicultural tasting? Would even be a practical to try? Suggestions for general ideas or specific bottles welcome!