As advertised by HH, "Heaven Hill launched the Henry McKenna Single Barrel line extension in 1994, and to this day it remains the only extra aged (10 years) Bottled-In-Bond Single Barrel Bourbon available."

I haven't had this bourbon in a while, but I do remember it. I bought a bottle right about the time I was finally starting to be able to pick out some of the different flavors people described in bourbons. I was never able to taste the citrus/eucalyptus flavor everyone alluded to in HH bourbons until I bought a bottle of Henry McKenna. I opened my bottle, had a pour, and there it was. The citrus and eucalyptus flavor was unmistakeable. IMHO, I thought it was actually pretty good considering I'm basically a wheater lover, and I don't particularly care much for bourbons with spicy and/or citrus flavors.

So post away. Let's hear it for Henry McKenna BIB.

Cheers. Joe