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My only complaint is that I have had a few different bottles of this which were a bit too thin. I have had some barrel selections of this at restaurants which were GREAT. Still none to me have the proper chew that HH 10 BIB (DSP31) had. I look forward to a McKenna which tastes as good as the HH10 BIB
On paper, McKenna looks great. 10 YO BIB. What could go wrong? On the palate, though, I find it disappointing. There are other HH BIBs that I find just as satisfying for fewer dollars. I don't think there is anything "wrong" with McKenna just not enough right with it to justify the price. HH White, for example, is quite good at a third of the cost. Or FC at half the price. I'm starting to think that I'm just a cheap, grumpy old man.