Ok, this question may not apply to many here, but for me I tend to have a lot of whiskeys open at any given time and I go through them very slowly. My typical week will involve pouring myself a dram 3-4 times in total but each of those tend to be 1oz or less. This, combined with my cravings to try things all over the spectrum, means that it takes me a long time to polish off a bottle unless I import some help (AKA poker night). I was checking my bar tonight and I have several bottles that are at or below the 25% mark, including a 2012 Stagg. Now, I hit all my nicer bottles with a few squirts of private preserve to try and stem the oxidation but still, I know these have to go.

So, all that being said, I'm curious how people are here treat their nearly empties and when they decide it's time to put the final nail in. Does it occur naturally as you move through bottles or do you chose to drain one on purpose?