Thanks guys for all the responses! I assumed there would not be many others who had similar habits to mine, guess I was wrong. I'll admit to sometimes specifically targeting a bottle for completion which, like Nivto said, makes me feel like I'm drinking for the sake of drinking. I've never set a specific limit to how many bottles I can have open at once but I do try to open no more than I can fit on the bottom shelf of my bar, which tends to be 24-28 depending on the type of bottles. My wife is always making something or other around here so we have plenty of bottles of various sizes, I may have to follow Gary's advice and move my nicer bottles that are low into smaller containers to limit air contact, especially since I don't have replacements for most. Consequently this would mean the bottles would take up less space which would allow more to be open... hmmm....

Oh, and to Gary, I recently completed my own spreadsheet with all my bottles on it. In addition to all the normal stats I added columns on availability and my taste ratings. I even built several pivots for the front tab to show how many bottles of each category I have (scotch is currently winning), how many of each category are open, how many of each category have been finished off, etc... The last tab has links to bottles I'd like to add to my collection for the benefit of the wife when she shops for presents

So, I guess the general lesson here is worry less about finishing off a specific bottle and just enjoy the experience. I guess I could have figured that one out on my own, plus there is always the empty bottle thread to come to when I have a particularly painful separation.