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    Re: When do you decide a bottle needs to be finished off?

    I think I'll be putting in an order for 8oz bottles from specialty bottle so that I can start putting away my ~230ml "samples" from each nice bottle I open. That gives me enough for a decent number of pours while still leaving enough of the main bottle to enjoy with friends.

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    Re: When do you decide a bottle needs to be finished off?

    Quote Originally Posted by jtgraves View Post
    Good idea. I believe MichaelTurtle1 is also an environmental scientist. Which is why a sample he shipped to Austin came in a nice test tube with a screw on cap. And also why he could do that amazing lead testing thread.
    Yes that was/is an informative and well written thread.
    I can admit to using those vials in the past myself, very very handy in my younger days when throwing a rowdy party, they can hold 40ml so they work incredibly wrll for premixed shooters of an ounce of cheap vodka and something sweet - just fill a bucket with ice and place a few dozen vial shots to chill, guests can help themselves!

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    Re: When do you decide a bottle needs to be finished off?

    Quote Originally Posted by MauiSon View Post
    Just a small step away from bumping it to back-up (library) bottles, eh? If you don't watch out, you may start developing a bunker, even.
    Haha, that was going through my head too. You have to draw the line between saving the memory and just saving the bottle.

    Personally, my goal is to do vintage comparison tasting and long term revisiting for limited edition bottles. I suspect I will amass a significant number of archive bottles so I want to keep it reasonable and a 2oz container allows me to enjoy most of the bottle contents. If I ever start complaining about current bourbon being substandard, longing for the good ol' days and kicking myself for not saving more, the fun is over and I will find another hobby.

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    Re: When do you decide a bottle needs to be finished off?

    That's true - that line is a tricky one to pin down. But then if I have a bottle that I know I can only have one of, the 200ml reference bottle really makes sense. Most bottles I have, the 2oz bottles work (either because they're semi regular releases like BTAC, etc.,) but there are just some treasure bottles that I want more ml's of stored away.
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    Re: When do you decide a bottle needs to be finished off?

    Late to the thread here... but for me when the bottle is about 50% or just under, then I hit it rather hard and finish it off. I strive to keep relatively few open, and I don't like most bottles that have low volume. Better to just finish off the lower volume bottles quickly, in my opinion.



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