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Towards the end of a couple of bottles, so thought I would try to make a cocktail to kill the last few inches. I like Manhattans and Boulevardiers, but then realized the only vermouth I had was an unopened Carpano Antica which I'm saving for Thanksgiving. So threw together the following:

2 oz. Col. Lee NAS
1/2 oz. Compari
1/2 oz. Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel 2011
3 dashes Fee Bros. orange bitters

- stir w/ ice and strain; lemon twist

The Zin was opened on the counter from last night's dinner, so threw it in as a substitute for the vermouth. Not half bad! The Zin is very young, big bold and brambly. Nice and jammy; big fruit. While it doesn't have some of the herbaceous character of vermouth, it's a nice counterpoint to the bitterness of the Compari and bitters.
Well I've already commited to open my first bottle of HWCampfire tonght I think I'll try this first with some 4RYL.