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I don't find anything pompous at all. Another of Dave D's acute observations on the current ways of spirits and life, which are dead on. I've also pitched every tube, box or bag for any I've opened (and some before) including a few from the '50s. Now if I ever own a pre-pro, I would possibly keep that.
Sure it's pompous, it's also disrespectful and passive aggressive. If I pay for the packaging, which is built into the price, I also want the option to keep it or bin it. David needs to suck it up and not have a bad attitude and passive aggressive blog entry about fourty emails from customers who laid out $400+ for his bottles. He is in sales, which is about customer service as much as price - he should also realize that if he keeps biting the hands that feed him, especially high-value customers, he could very well be blogging about adventures as a Walmart checker.