OK, so I'll actually try to make a constructive post. I agree that too much packaging is superfluous and goes in the recycle bin eventually. The only reason I like the boxes and tubes is for a very specific reason: the location of my bunker in my garage. When I buy whiskey or other spirits in tubes or boxes I often keep the bottle in the packaging so that it is not covered with dust and cobwebs when I am ready to take the bottle out of the garage and into the house. When that happens, packaging then goes in the bin.

I can understand why it would be irritating to get requests for tubes for mid-shelf distillery releases or those ugly-ass tins the Signatory releases come in but almost all of the high-end SMSs (I'm thinking at least $400 and up) are purely collector's items that will never be consumed. They are expensive knick-knacks like the sort of stuff that ends up on Antiques Roadshow. If a collector is buying one of these to display or as an investment, then appearance and condition is everything. So naturally they are going to be very concerned with those things.

Squire, I like it when Dave posts here too, because he actually is interacting with people who read the K & L blog, something that doesn't happen on the blog itself since the comments are always turned off.

WD, the Detroit Pistons couldn't win a slam dunk contest against a middle school basketball team, let alone the Central this season! Good thing I still root for the Pacers too.