So was down around Nashville this weekend, had the chance to try some new local-ish products.

The one that jumped out from a visual standpoint was one called Cumberland Cask (Cask is the product name, though they do sell in both 80 and 120 proof). From what was explained to me at multiple stops, the local distributor (Best Brands) is pushing this on behalf of the owner's son.

- Bottle itself is dead ringer for Eagle Rare.
- Local shops seemed a bit confused, some flagged it as BT product and others as Dickel. The bottle is marked TN Whiskey so i can assume BT is out.
- The 80 proof had a bite to it, couldn't tell if it was young or just charred taste profile. (Sadly they didn't have the 120 proof open for tasting).
- Didn't have chance to take any notes, but were the price lower i may have bit. It was in the $36-39 range depending on store...and for that much i'd rather just grab ER10

Anyone else tasted this product yet?