Another of the TN based products i was able to try in Nashville this weekend.

Story as i understand it, local BBQ pitmaster wanted his own bourbon for in his restaurant...connected with Best Spirits (distributor) and Speakeasy Spirits (did the bottling, as noted on the label).

- Bottle is again dead ringer for ER10 or BTAC even, must have been a deal if they bought by the truckload
- Found at 4 or 5 shops in reasonable quantities, though only a few seemed to know anything about it.
- Had a taste profile similar to BT, though bottle marked as TN whiskey and at least one of the stores flagged it as Prichards (i'm assuming a variant of their TN whiskey with non-charcoal filtering?)
- Not bad, but along with the Cumberland Cask i posted a short while ago...really not memorable or different enough from BT products to justify buying. Cool story, and kudos to the Peg Leg guy for taking the risk.

Anyone else tried?