yes, they spell it "whisky". This is from Blue Ridge Distilling Co., Bostic NC. It's interesting that they don't claim direct lineage to oldtime moonshiners since if ya go west of Bostic ya start getting into some serious history, especially from prohibition and post-prohibition years. They seem to show more integrity than many other companies in that their advertising seems honest and does not try to misrepresent or overstate the product.

Its color suggests some years in a barrel but it has a VERY young taste. No wood flavor to go along with no age statement. Curious to know if they use used barrels along with their advertised 100% malted barley. Perhaps it's because I've got this year's Woodford Malt on the mind; but nose was reminiscent of Woodford, especially made me think of the Woodford Sweet Mash. Since this is a newer product, I suspect it is a sweet mash in line with other "whisky." Nose certainly not as strong as Woodford. Flavor also made me think of what a vatting of Woodford and corn whiskey would taste like. Surprising amount of bite for 82 proof. Floaties in the bottom of bottle suggested non-chill filtered but dropping an ice cube in the glass got no result. Almost zero aftertaste.

this goes in the huge category of overpriced craft. It cost me about $52. When they have some material with more age, then it probably will be more interesting. If you like experimenting with a lot of different flavors and craft distilleries and have lots of $$ falling out of your pocket then perhaps give it a shot.