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    Re: Defiant American Single Malt Whisky

    This is fantastic stuff. I love to try new things, and the best thing I say about Defiant is that when the first bottle ran out, I went out and got another,

    This is very, very unusual whiskey. It's not a bourbon, and will appeal most to open minded scotch drinkers. It's a single malt, no corn, wheat or rye, and has the smoky nose you'd expect from an island malt, As a point of reference, it reminds me most of Ledaig (the peated version of Tobormory), with that sort of new bike tire thing going on. I think it is complex and delicious, perfect for consuming with barbeque.

    It is aged not much more than 60 days. They use charred oak shavings and immerse the spirit in it. I don't know anyone else who ages whiskey like this, although the idea seems to be similar to the small barrel aging used by many craft distillers, to increase the spirit's contact with the charred wood.

    As far as I'm concerned, it works. Comparing it to its American malted barley-based peers, I like it better than McCarthy's and Corsair Triple Smoke (both similar in style, but Defiant is more balanced) , and it's LOT less expensive than Balcones Single Malt (which is to die for).

    I've bought this in Elkton, Maryland for $40- not cheap, but not overpriced like many craft products.
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    Re: Defiant American Single Malt Whisky

    Sounds like something to keep an eye out for, there are so many new whisk(e)ys hitting the shelves it is hard to decide.



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