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    Re: "Hand Picked Barrel"

    I grew up in Louisville and I'm heading there tomorrow for a wedding. I'll just have to get bourbon from KY. The tax on liquor in Chicago / IL is crazy. I have not done a much price comparing, but it seems like everyone here pays less than the Windy City.

    Thank to all! Again, I appreciate the knowledge. I'm glad some retailers are picking barrels out etc.

    These are the Chicago prices before taxes: So add a few bucks to everything.
    Angelís Envy, $45
    Bulleit 10yo, $43
    Four Roses Single Barrel, $37
    Makerís 46, $37
    Elijah Craig 12yo, $30
    Elmer T. Lee, $30
    Bulleit, $30
    Eagle Rare 10yo Single Barrel, $27
    Evan Williams 10yo Single Barrel, $27
    Makrís Mark, $27
    W. L. Weller 12yo, $25
    Buffalo Trace, $25
    OGD 114, $25
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