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    Sort of an Old Fashioned

    It needs a better name, but that's basically what this is, an Old Fashioned just not made in the traditional way.

    My main objection to most whiskey cocktails is that the whiskey disappears. I don't want that to happen. So here's what I do.

    Into an old-fashioned glass (a large on-the-rocks glass), I give the Angostura bottle a Gary Reagan shake (meaning 8 or 9 shakes). Then I add a small pour of Cointreau -- enough to just cover the bottom of the glass, and the same amount of simple syrup. To that I add about three fingers of Rittenhouse Rye BIB. Then I stir it with one or two ice cubes, and maybe add another one to just about fill the glass. Spicy and fruity with whiskey in every bite. That's it, no fruit salad garnish. I like it.
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