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Tried this on Friday and really enjoyed this cocktail. I substituted the Cointreau with it's Italian cousin Gran Gala, but it was good non-the-less. I will be having this again soon. Thank you for sharing.
Useful to be aware that Gran Gala, like Grand Marnier, is a brandy based orange liquer whereas Cointreau is a triple sec made with a neutral grain spirit and thus tends to be drier (less sweet) than the brandy based curacao style. Just to mess things up a bit more Cointreau now makes a brandy based curacao style orange liqueur called Cointreau Noir. Combier does the same thing with a triple sec and also a brandy based version called Royal Combier.

May want to use less simple syrup when using curacao or other brandy based orange liqueurs. Or just know it may be a touch sweeter!

My favorite currently are the Ferrand Dry Curacao and Solerno Blood Orange liqueur which tastes very much like blood oranges to me. Both are a curacao style with a brandy base but are perhaps a bit less sweet than Gran Gala.

I must confess I have a bit of an orange liqueur "fetish" and I tend to have at least 6-8 different kinds at any one time.