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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl2 View Post
    My favorite currently are the Ferrand Dry Curacao and Solerno Blood Orange liqueur which tastes very much like blood oranges to me. Both are a curacao style with a brandy base but are perhaps a bit less sweet than Gran Gala.

    I must confess I have a bit of an orange liqueur "fetish" and I tend to have at least 6-8 different kinds at any one time.

    Both are fantastic, my wife goes through Solerno like I do bourbon. I think I need to try this tonight.

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    I prefer more precision when making my cocktails, so I've been using this formula for my Old Crotchety Fashioned:

    2.5 oz rye/bourbon (usually Ritt BIB/Bulleit)
    1/4 oz Cointreau
    1/4 oz Simple syrup
    5-6 shakes of Angostura bitters

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    Having one right now with GD12 replacing the RITT since it was open, mighty tasty. The next one will be with the RITT for comparison.

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    Sounds good to me. I've been doing a version of this for a while using Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao. Good stuff.
    Definitely drink it...tonight -Sutton

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    I made a couple of these tonight. First with WTR101 and then with the TPS Groundbreaker (Willett 4 yr rye). The WTR was good the groundbreaker was fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    Just ran across this today and road tested one tonight:
    3 good shakes Angostura
    enough Leopold Orange Liquor to swish around the bottom
    3 oz. Pikesville Supreme Rye
    stirred and added a big round sphere ice cube

    excellent drink! Thanks for the idea.

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    No orange liquor in the house so I improvised the idea with orange bitters and a muddled(very thin cut) orange slice.

    2.5 oz High West Double Rye
    8 dashes orange bitters
    1/4tsp agave syrup
    muddled orange slice

    stirred in a rocks glass and added a 2" cube.
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    Sort of an Old Fashioned

    I am enjoying an old fashioned made with EC12 SmB(2.5-3 oz) and Angostura bitters (4 dashes). This, so far, is my favorite bourbon in an old fashioned. I use a home made simple syrup and muddle an orange peal slice in it. I also put the bitters and bourbon in a shaker to chill first and then pour it over new ice in a low ball.

    I HIGHLY recommend the EC12 and Angostura for an old fashioned.

    I am not a huge fan of EC12 SmB served neat. I find it too sweet, but I dig it in an old fashioned.

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    Re: Sort of an Old Fashioned

    Tonight I had a great Old Fashioned in a pub. Normally the muddled sugar or simple syrup makes this cocktail too sweet for my taste. But this one was made without either of those. Instead, they used Number 14 Bourbon which has a splash of real maple syrup in it. The maple complimented the bourbon and bitters wonderfully. And along with the orange and cherry it added just enough sweetness to balance off what is a relatively dry version of an Old Fashioned. I don't think I'd drink this Number 14 on its own, as I like my bourbon straight. But it certainly made for a delicious Old Fashioned.



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