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    Re: Bourbon Shelf Life / Storage

    I've heard folks talk of Parafilm (paraffin film) to help prevent evaporation from bottles you intend to keep for long periods of time. Have some on my Amazon wish list, although I guess it will take years to really tell the difference. I personally wouldn't wax over, as I would expect that to be less effective than the film (being more susceptible to expansion/contraction). But that's purely a guess on my part.
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    Re: Bourbon Shelf Life / Storage

    its screwcaps i am considering. i have a buttload of KCSB and was thinking of doing this with half of them, as theyll be here for years at the rate I drink it. Theyre screwtops and already have the black wax seal on top. I figure theyll age well anyway, but was just curious what you long time bourbon drinkers thought of storing things for years

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    Re: Bourbon Shelf Life / Storage

    I use saran/plastic wrap on some bottles. I have seen others use electrical tape (be sure to get lead free.)
    I've never tried GTS with any sort of soda. Maybe I'm missing out; but I'm OK with that.



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