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    Re: Canadian whisk(e)y

    Yeah, I was joking somewhat about Crown Royal. I purchased a bottle mostly out of curiosity plus the fact that several forum members mentioned it as a prime example of Canadian fare.

    It most definitely seems bland when you're used to big-bodied bourbons. But you can tell it is (as Jackson describes) rounded, delicate and well-balanced in its own way.

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    Re: Canadian whisk(e)y

    I think it would make and interesting poll here to see who drinks what. All straight whiskies. Straight whiskies and Canadian blends. Straight whiskies and Scotch Blends. Straight whiskies and "Kentucky whiskies" or All Straight and Any Blends.

    I fit into the first category, as I only drink straight whiskies: Single Malt, Bourbon, Rye Canadian, etc. However, there are two brands of "Mixto" tequila I like: Sauza and Xalixco, so I guess I do drink some "blends". HeHe.



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