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    Alberta Pure Vodka

    I bought this to add as blending stock in a personal vodka blend I've got going but it is so good I've reserved it for stand-alone drinking. (I'll get another bottle for said blending). This Beam Global-produced product, via its unit Alberta Distillers, is outstanding. The mouthfeel is creamy soft, the flavour is (for vodka) rich and tasty with no edgy mineral notes or other off-putting tastes such as specific vodkas can have. No "hospital ward" smell or taste at all. But a definable taste is there nonetheless. This trumps Rain or Tito vodka by a fair margin in my opinion, and reminds me of the Crystal Head one in quality - I am thinking of the vodka that comes in a skull-shaped glass bottle. Plus, Alberta Pure Vodka would be about half the price. A joint Yankee-Canuck triumph in the distilling arts, IMO.

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