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    Missouri Moonshine Malt Whiskey Aged 18 months

    Crown Valley Distilling produces this whiskey. 90 proof - mash bill? Malted barley I assume and ?
    Their unaged is "the spirit is made from a blend of rye and barley,"...so I assume the same.

    My 1st impression is the taste of licorice and bananna.....odd pairing but there it is.
    It will take some time to get a handle on. Water seems to bring a cocoa note out.

    The bottle states - "nose heavy vanilla scent with cinnamon and mint....taste is floral with
    hints of vanilla ad cinnamon followed by a smooth finish of light smoke, coconut, bread, butterscotch."

    Another review comes up with a different taste impression:


    "Heavy cinnamon, nutmeg, I mean heavy with a chewy rye bread, and almost dark cocoa and almond like flavor to it.
    Oak is a minor player in this game but the flavor of the whiskey is big, bold, and quite delightful."

    I agree oak is not a big flavor contributor in this young whiskey.
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