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    Re: Westland Distillery - American Single Malts

    I'm partial to peat and peat+sherry is a combination I really dig... but it's a toss-up honestly between #279 (peat+PX) & #283 for me right after opening - they're both really good. I was also fortunate enough to get one of the SCN Westlands (also peat+Oloroso):

    The #279 is opening up very very nicely to the point where it has surpassed the #283 (they were about even right at opening for me). The SCN Westland is BBQ & browned butter upon opening - I expect it will get better as it opens up...

    #29 is delicious as well but while it has less peat than #279/#283, it's still got enough peat to make it interesting.

    I've tried the others at the distillery but haven't opened my own bottles yet.
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