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    Re: Whistle Pig Boss-Hog

    Quote Originally Posted by WhiskyRI View Post
    I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it again I think all these ultra-premium prices are part of an experiment by makers to see just how much they can charge before customers balk. I tasted the Boss Hog and liked it (not sure which barrel it was) but not nearly enough to pay $149. I have to think the Canadian makers are finally going wake up and see the $ potential in Rye and start selling it themselves. My other fear is that as these ultra-premium prices become the norm people will be immunized to price creep at the mid-tier level.
    I think you are right for the present & future in terms of Rye production & prices. Alberta is not stupid but they may outsmart themselves just the same. Your "other fear" is my greatest fear because the mid-tier level is where the vast majority of us have to operate. If it does impact that segment adversely, we'll just be hunting downward on the shelves...at least that's where I'll find myself. I keep saying I'm going to stock up on Ritt BIB - and then my 'pre-existing' bills....lol...drain the ever-dwindling resources each month. We've seen Ritt go from the teens to mid & upper 20s at a fairly steady pace. Now that HH has it firmly in their grasp, how long before we realistically see $35-40? I think I'll just convert back to water when & if that happens.
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