Good Day All-

I trust you are great.

Just wanted to see who else enjoys some Cheap mixed drinks at home? I usually find myself when home starting off with a nice bourbon in a Glencairn glass, when that gets low I will mix it with some cheaper stuff, when that is gone I just drink some cheap stuff straight. But last weekend my friend came over with a family size Jim Beam and a bottle of cheap vermouth and some Maraschino cherries. We made ourselves some Manhattans and they were very, very tasty. I thought to myself I know that some of the lower costs bourbons are not bad and in a mixed drink they work great as well. I know that some think that mixed drinks are better with better quality liquor and I cannot disagree with this but sometimes it is just fun to hang out with friends watching football drinking cheap drinks made by just pouring in the glass not worrying about perfect ratios.

Anybody have thoughts on this?

Best regards, Tony