Just tried replying to a tread, and it was rejected so thought maybe I needed to post something newbie friendly - note low post count and 5 year old account.
Been a brewer for over 25 years, worked in the business. Interned a few years ago grinding grain, stirring corn, drawing barrel samples, etc - a hundred miles up the road.
I've been drinking a lot of Willett Rye, the family estate single barrel stuff - I don't know the acronyms. It is what I buy 50% of the time. Early on I ran across a barrel #10 which I loved, bought all I could find in Austin, and would buy one if anyone knows where to get one. Been a little burned out on the #43/44's, found a 34 last week for a change. Today I found a barrel #1, which I am very excited to try tonight. There were a couple more on the shelf, hid one behind the 44's. Think this is a "this year" #1, or is this an ongoing project and actually the first barrel of the project? Guess that asks to take this off the topic of what did you buy today.
They have been "on sale" all year at a large chain I don't like supporting, gradually raising prices, now at $42 out the door which I am fine with.
Feel free to send me a recommendation if this is what I like, in a rut with limited availability. Not sure how to describe my tastes other than I'm not a fan of some acetyl related high notes common in the $30 to $45 range, a preference for lower, heavier. Like Blanton's enough, but can't find a bottle. Thomas Handy, but can't find / won't pay what online merchants are charging. Have tried just about everything out under $50. A couple of rye's I've been wanting to try, and some that just slip out of what is reasonable unless it is an exceptional single barrel that slipped into what I will spend.
Time to get to know people in the game, watch each other's backs for finding good bottles / barrels.