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    Bender's Small Batch Age Rye

    My local store owner pulled out this new bottle to show me, and try to sell me. He put the price tag on it while I was holding it. At $46.95 it was a bit much for me without looking into it. I don't remember seeing any pertinent info on the stylish label but I was also not really interested at the time.

    Being a brand new company with 7yr old whiskey I assumed it was made elsewhere and they just blended it and bottled it and put a hefty price tag on it as we've seen too many times before. But after looking into at their website http://bendersrye.com/rye/ it seems like maybe they made it themselves before they had a company and label to sell it? At least they put a fair amount of info on their website.

    Anyone have any thoughts about it, heard of it or tried it?
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