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    Re: Achieving Bourbon Zen - A Mini Manifesto

    Quote Originally Posted by Vadertime View Post
    Enjoying some WT distilled in the 80s, I'm pretty sure this is bourbon Zen I am experiencing.
    I think 80' WT is just about the finest bourbon one can drinks......I LOVE 8 year 101. Bourbon Zen for sure. Quality, not flashy, perfect.

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    Re: Achieving Bourbon Zen - A Mini Manifesto

    I enjoy Bourbon. With that being said. There is no chance where I am that I will be able to obtain a stagg, stagg jr, pappy, single oak project, etc etc etc. so with that said. I am trying a lot of the low to mid shelf bourbons, perhaps I will try a Michters 10. I have heard a lot of great things. they are obtainable. Heck Im happy with a woodford reserve and a evan Williams, and a four roses. I am not a snob by anymeans. I like what I like. I don't drink for the stature, I DRINK for the mere pleasure of tasting something wonderful, whethere it is 30 a bottle, or 130 a bottle. anymore than that and my wife would kill me.



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