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Thread: Vatting Tools

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    Re: Vatting Tools

    Quote Originally Posted by ChainWhip View Post
    Thanks for the link, Like those hudson glasses, plus I can combine a few other things they have into one order.

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    Re: Vatting Tools

    I've been playing around with a couple different recipes lately, and have wondered why more homegrown bourbon/rye blends haven't been born from the wellspring of knowledge that is SB.com. I've been to two different bars in the last month that had a bottle of SB Blend (aka "Poor Man's Pappy") behind the bar. Anyone that has been bitten by the bourbon bug in the last 2 years knows about that one. Is that it? I know vatting experiments can seem like alchemy sometimes, but I also have to believe that Weller Centennial isn't the only dusty that's been approximated in the last 10 years. Are we just a bunch of uninspired drunks? Or are we too precious with the raw ingredients to experiment?

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    Re: Vatting Tools

    Quote Originally Posted by Trey Manthey View Post
    Or are we too precious with the raw ingredients to experiment?
    I think that's it with many members.

    Me on the other hand I'm just lazy and ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Trey Manthey View Post
    an uninspired drunk
    I've never tried GTS with any sort of soda. Maybe I'm missing out; but I'm OK with that.

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    Re: Vatting Tools

    Tons of info, recipes, etc on here. I think it's closed so you'll have to request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/607393885994954/

    I personally don't mess with volume measurements and do everything by weight on a digital scale. I assume all grams of whiskey are the same volume. That is probably not true, but far more accurate for what I do.

    Every vat for me is done at least in 3 different ratios, typically 75/25%, 50/50% and 25/75%. If I feel the gradient should be steeper I throw a forth and fifth in at 60/40 and 40/60, but usually not until I've done the others.

    Don't make the mistake of mixing up 750 ml of something cause you read someone else say how "amazing" it is. I personally do 60 ml test samples for the first run of a new vat and let them sit for about a month. Wait time is up to you, but there is some science behind it {kinda} if you care to look into it.

    The ability to taste is NOT SUBJECTIVE. It is objective, just like hearing or sight. You can rely on your nose and taste buds, not on someone else's preference or anecdote. One's personal preference for taste should bear zero baring on what you actually taste.

    Distilled spirits will change flavor over time. That's a fact. If you drink enough and pay attention, you know this already.

    Take it easy on the wheated stuff. It's too "soft" and doesn't have the backbone and balls to really carry it's weight in a vat. Just what I've learned. I realize everyone MUST mix up some OWA 107 and W12 at some point, and yes it's "better" than Lot B, but I honestly believe that the only people that should be messing with wheated bourbon are the Van Winkles (who don't produce a single drop of the stuff anyway).

    Most of all, have fun and learn via trial and error. Out of all the vats I've tried, only about 10% are actually worth sitting down and drinking to be honest. I really don't think most who "vat" are honest with their opinion no do I think they can taste very well based on their always-impressed and forever-suprised response. I mean, are you kidding me??
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