Westport Whiskey and Wine will be having a "small business Saturday" sale this Saturday (11/30). I was by there a couple of weeks ago, and the owner/manager told me that they would have a sale on that day, to include some "held-back" special bottles and discounts on a lot of items. Since they are normally a little bit more expensive, I can imagine that their "discounts" probably aren't too exciting, but the "held-back" bottles sounded interesting. Starts at 9am. If you are in the area, might be worth stopping by.

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Since I've only been into bourbon about a year now, and last year at this time I was mostly creating spiced cider-bourbon mixtures, I don't know about any yearly Holiday sales or not. So, do stores put on any significant sales for bourbon/whiskey during this time of year, or is demand high enough already during this time of year that stores have no incentive to do so? If so, I may just load up over the holidays....maybe grab a bunch of new things I haven't tried yet.