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Thread: Holiday sales?

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    Re: Holiday sales?

    Westport Whiskey and Wine will be having a "small business Saturday" sale this Saturday (11/30). I was by there a couple of weeks ago, and the owner/manager told me that they would have a sale on that day, to include some "held-back" special bottles and discounts on a lot of items. Since they are normally a little bit more expensive, I can imagine that their "discounts" probably aren't too exciting, but the "held-back" bottles sounded interesting. Starts at 9am. If you are in the area, might be worth stopping by.

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    Since I've only been into bourbon about a year now, and last year at this time I was mostly creating spiced cider-bourbon mixtures, I don't know about any yearly Holiday sales or not. So, do stores put on any significant sales for bourbon/whiskey during this time of year, or is demand high enough already during this time of year that stores have no incentive to do so? If so, I may just load up over the holidays....maybe grab a bunch of new things I haven't tried yet.


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    Re: Holiday sales?

    If you ask about "sales" around this area, well....I can't say exactly the kind of face you'll see glaring back at you. They might even tell you that prices are going up after Jan 1 and leave it at that.
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