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    Re: Collingwood 21yr Rye

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman View Post
    Joe that Taylor is a great rye, to be sure, one of the best I've ever had. Is it really 100% malted rye? Would this mean a Canadian origin??

    My understanding is that it is made by BT, is a different mashbill from Baby Saz/Handy and I think Chuck Cowdery had speculated somewhere on here (maybe the Whiskey Tree thread) that it was perhaps around a 90% rye but I don't think we have ever had definitive word. I was not aware any of it was malted rye. About the only malted rye made in any volume I can think of off hand is Old Potrero from Anchor.
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    Re: Collingwood 21yr Rye

    Town Branch came out with a malted rye a few months ago. I thought it stood up very well against the Taylor.

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    Re: Collingwood 21yr Rye

    I didn't know the Town Branch Rye used malted rye. I did enjoy it when I tried it (much more than their bourbon).

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    Re: Collingwood 21yr Rye

    Picked up a Collingwood 21yr today. Will do a future tasting with Canadian Club 20 (camouflaged rye), Alberta Premium 30 (100% rye), Collingwood 21 (100% malted rye), 12yr Weller (no rye) and FR 125th (noticeable rye). Shall make for interesting comparisons...



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