So, I'm in charge of providing a whiskey for Thanksgiving this year and while I'm a huge fan of scotch, I'm thinking something a little more domestic would make sense. That being said I'm a little confused as to what whiskey would make the most sense to enjoy after a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I thought about breaking out my 2012 THH but I've heard that pairs better with Christmas due to the spices. So that has me turning towards bourbon, maybe a wheater like WLW? Or something with a little less punch (ABV) but on the rye side of things like a 4R SmB (non barrel proof)? I have a decent bunker,for a non bourbon aficionado, with about 50 bottles on hand so there is plenty to choose from.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It does not necessarily have to pair with the food though I can break it out during the meal if that makes more sense. This is the reason I posted here and not in bourbon and food, I had planned it as a separate "course" all unto itself.