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Why is $45 pushing it?
Because I see a lot of other stuff in that age or price range, or higher age and proof, go for less...not to mention that Dickel, for the most part, doesn't enjoy the name recognition or 'status' as a bourbon (not that that means crap to me, but it seems priced a tad high for something that isnt well known to the masses). At $45 i'll buy it now and then, but if it were priced where I think it should be (mid-to-upper 30's), Id make it a daily drink.

Still, it's priced better than the JD holiday select that this thread is about. The JD is $5 more, 5 proof points less, no age statement, and no bars seem to have it where I can try it first. So the Dickel 9 is still a good deal by that standard