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    A Trickle of Dickel Makes Jeff10 Rye Taste Like...Scotch?!?!

    Watching my San Diego Chargers getting thumped by the Miami Dolphins. Has a small 1ounce pour of Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey, but that didn't do it for me, so I switched to one of my old favorites, Jefferson 10 rye. I don't know what the DBS did, but the Jeff10 tastes like scotch. I'm getting maltiness, sherried fruit notes, and slight peat smokiness, the ought the 3.5 ounce pour. Strange. Followed up with a vatting of a half ounce of DBS with 2 ounces of Jeff10, but no hints of scotch at all. Anyone else have any similar experiences? Or can anyone speculate why a warm up with DBS make Jeff10 taste like scotch?

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    Re: A Trickle of Dickel Makes Jeff10 Rye Taste Like...Scotch?!?!

    could be the finish from one impacts the other. I've noted that before when doing side-by-side comparisons, sometimes sip the new one, wait, then sip again. Some subtle drinks can be completely overpowered; Bowman Port by itself is great with lots of subtle nuance but have anything in front of it and Bowman Port seems boring. And some things are hard to follow with something else without good palate fixer, like Yamazaki 18 or Woodford Maple.



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