Bias disclosures: (1) I like blends every bit as much as single malts, I see them as different forms of art; (2) I like my whisky on the young side - singles or blends.

The bottling is the basic, not the 10 year-old age designated. 40% alcohol by volume.

Very light gold in color. Tinge of green. Definitely shows its youth.

Brine and peat, and lots of both on the nose. Great heaps of seaweed and iodine as well. No doubting the Islay base for this blend. Just a hint of sweet malt.

Full rich and malty on the initial palate. Surprising richness, really. Iodine really kicks in from the mid-palate on. Extremely long and briney, but a nice supporting soft round sweetness from the grain.

Great blend! Contains malt from all seven active Islay distilleries.