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Mrs Emma Kate Willis, my friends grandmother lived to be 103 years old. She died about 6 years ago and was very much a part of the old south and Tallahassee's history. By all accounts and existing photos a charming, elegant and witty woman in her youth she was high spirited even in her final days.
As she approached the century mark a local paper sent a young reporter to interview her. At some point in the interview he asked her the secret of her longetivity. We were all startled to hear her answer "raisins, I always have 6 raisins in the evening, usually as I'm getting ready for bed, sometimes twice on holidays." He followed up with more questions about the raisins, and we learned she kept them in a mason jar and the the brand wasn't important.
After the interview we asked her more questions and wondered why we didn't know about the mason jar full of raisins. Turns out she kept them hidden in her bedroom and there was a little more to it than she admitted to the young reporter. She had been toping the jar with raisins in it with Old Grand Dad Bonded Bourbon since just after prohibition "just for a little more flavor" she smiled.

To this day my friend has a mason jar full of raisins soaking in OGD BiB on his side board in memory of his grandmother.
Fantastic! I loved that story. Who could argue that she wasn't on to something when there's empirical evidence to support her claim that the "enhanced" raisins were responsible for her longevity? In the interests of science and a good, long life, I plan to hijack one of my wife's mason jars and do the same. I just have to keep my raisin-loving son away from them.