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    Re: Raisins Steeped in Bourbon

    Quote Originally Posted by dSculptor View Post
    Hey Gary -if you ever think of why you have those in the fridge,,let me know,I made me a batch,and have just been letting it sit out on a cool shelf,my wife asked me if they would get moldy,I said I wasn't sure,but from the original post it did say that gramma left them by her bed...Anyway they are delicious even after a week,the juice was very sweet,I cut it a little bit with water and it was good.I definetly like the idea of using it in place of vanilla.I wonder how some different dried fruit would work,cranberry's, apricots?
    I think what I did (although not entirely certain) is stick the raisins w/ OGD 114 in the microwave for a bit, with plastic wrap covering - just to heat it all up. Then I moved them to the fridge, and then left them there. My new batch I just stuck in the cupboard. When I'm preparing to make bourbon balls, I leave crushed walnuts soaked in bourbon in the same cupboard for a year, and never had any unfriendlies grow. I do try to keep enough bourbon in the jar so that all of the solids remain below the surface (and the jar is screwed as tight as I can by hand; not "canning" or any crap like that).

    I'll bet cranberries and apricots and the like would be amazing! I have done dried apricots (diced up) and soaked them for just a few days to use in a banana nut bread type thing (and those seemed to work OK, but they are so dense they didn't seem to absorb as much bourbon as I would have liked; or they needed a lot more time, or the microwave treatment). But cranberries bring a nice bitter element that I'll bet would be awesome! If you try those, let us know how it turns out!
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    Re: Raisins Steeped in Bourbon

    i imagine as long as they stay under the liquid, theyll last longer than youd want to keep them.

    the rumtopf i made last summer with fresh fruits has been sitting submerged in rum for 8+ months, at room temp. We took a drink out of it a few weeks ago and it was great. Im sure the fruit is still consumable as well, this was a german tradition for centuries. raisins should be no different.



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