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    Funny Beer Ad for Shock Top

    Shock Top, the Belgian wheat-style beer, is made by AB-InBev, the international beer giant. In Canada, Labatt is affiliated with them. A series of "stealth ads" came out over the summer in Canada produced by a Toronto ad agency. They were really funny (I thought) and here is an example:


    They were filmed in Montreal, hence the French words on the signage. (There is also a French-language Shock Top ad which is very funny too and I'll post that if anyone speaks French on the board. But you have to speak it well to follow the Montreal French vernacular!).

    If you like this one, on the margin you should see the related group, they are all very good.


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    Re: Funny Beer Ad for Shock Top

    Thanks. Cheered me up on a rainy Thursday morning.



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