The 113/113 was a 200ml, probably stored badly, but BalconesWinston, TimD, and I were in attendance when opened. I can't remember if it had Fresno, CA on it or not. A 375 from another store was very good, but bottled at a different distillery (can't remember, but I think it was Indiana 2?).

tasting notes from a 2/31, bottled around 1993: nose is sharp upon first pouring, glue, vanillas, and with air time it becomes caramel, vanilla, a touch of wood, and a hint of glue.

taste: nice balance of sweet, cinnamon red hots, and a touch of bitter. Coats your tongue nicely, cinnamons linger.

Finish: lingers beautifully, cinnamon tapers slowly, leaving a sweet finale. Satisfying comfort bourbon!

for $23 a liter, I'm a fan!