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    Seagram's dusties--foreign and domestic

    My brother-in-law stopped by to deliver our proceeds from Aunt Rosemary's estate. After the distribution of real estate and personal effects to closer family members, our share was booze from Uncle Otto's stash. He has been gone for decades and Rosemary didn't drink so there were 47 bottles. Most of it was horrid stuff like Kessler's. Otto was a gentleman of the Old School who knew that the proper way to drink whiskey was to toss back a shot and follow it with a cold Budweiser. If you never really taste the whiskey, it really doesn't need to be top shelf. Our share of the estate was two bottles of the "good stuff"--Seagram's VO and 7 Crown. The tax strip on the VO says 1954 which makes it by far the oldest dusty I have ever come across. The plan it to save both bottles for Christmas Eve when our family is here and raise our glasses to Otto and Rosemary.
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