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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    Thank you James, that's very useful.
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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    I also snagged a few pictures while at the distillery this past weekend.

    Volume 1 137.jpg
    Our President and CEO standing with our still.

    Volume 1 160.jpg
    A closer shot of our still.

    Volume 1 057.jpg
    Our bottling line.

    Volume 1 184.jpg
    Our head distiller with our barrels full of aging whiskey.

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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    Thanks for the information update and the pics James.

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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    Thanks for the follow up James. Perhaps my bottle was part of the early experimentation of the mashbill formula.

    If you have time to explore here a bit you will likely find that we are not at all surprised by the rather labyrinthine process of label approval by the TTB! At least it is a good thing that the extensive approval process helps insure that the TTB always gets it right for the benefit and well being of the consumer...

    Quote Originally Posted by James13th View Post

    Distilled by vs. Produced by on label: We were unaware of the possible negative connotation with that verbiage. When we started this distillery, we were new to this industry. It has definitely been a learning process. While we may make that change to our label eventually, you would be surprised with the costs associated to make that change, not to mention the process of government label approval.
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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    Thanks for your continued participation, James, and for taking the time in providing all of the additional info. Whiskey Geeks like us love info straight from the source, and we appreciate your insight. Speaking for myself, I really like what I have heard about your operation and look forward to further exploring your products. Please keep us up to speed on what y'all are working on at 13th Colony, and please jump in all of the other threads, as well.

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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    I had recently posted in another forum that I bought a bottle of this, more as a novelty than anything else as its not something I ever see on the shelves in these parts. I was unaware of this thread. I just had one pour to check it out and do not have any detailed tasting notes, but I did enjoy it. I'm still relatively new to rye and trying to fully explore exactly what I like (everything from more expensive pours like THH to Bulleit) and what I don't (Rittenhouse just doesn't do the job for me). I tend to like the higher rye mashbills and thought the 13th Colony was a bit tastier than the basic MGP releases, but I also paid a bit more for it than I can get a Templeton or Bulleit around here.

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    Re: 13th Colony Southern Rye

    Well now that I've finally sipped my way through half a bottle of this rye, I thought I'd post about it again. Thank you James for your patience and openness about the product. I know we can be a fussy bunch here on the forum, and you have been quite informative.
    I will get right to it and say that of all the different rye whiskeys that I've tried, this has become my favorite. Many others are decent and make a good Manhattan. Some are good for sipping on their own too, but they are usually prohibitively expensive. What we have here is a genuine micro distilled rye whiskey that is well balanced, flavorful and reasonably priced. Yes, I know its only 2 yrs old. And the purists will bristle at the use of French spirals. But the proof is in the tasting and the smelling. I'm not going to go in to tasting notes and all that. But let me just say that I would not hesitate to recommend this rye whiskey.
    Congrats to James and everyone at 13th Colony for producing an honest quality product they can be very proud of.



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