Went to Girl & the Goat Friday night before a Champagne tasting. Sat at the bar; it's usually fun to talk to the bartenders. Had a blurry bourbon cocktail:

The bar itself is really cool--all this different metal work. Nice selection of bourbons, too:

In talking to the bartender, it's apparently technically illegal to serve barrel aged cocktails and the enforcing agency has "busted" a few restaurants. Has to do with "reusing" a container, i.e.--the barrel and having a mixed drink sitting around over 7 days. Guess you can get away with the 7 day thing by just changing the date, lol. There was one other thing, too. They're trying to change that law, I think. Our tax dollars at work. We've all heard about the mass outbreaks of disease from barrel aged cocktails int the last couple of years, right?

The bartender brought out this bottle (and gave me a swig to try); he said he was involved in choosing it. From the description, it's OBSV, aged 8 yrs 7 mos. They're also trying to change the law that would allow retail sales of such bottles equal to 10% of the total. Maybe I'll just get an empty bottle as a souvenir, since this is my absolute favorite restaurant.

Since we were just there for a quick bite, we limited ourselves to the kohlrabi salad, beet salad and I had to have the goat shank--braised then quick deep fried with house made buttermilk dressing and mild buffalo sauce (w/butternut squash shitake kimchee and naan). The goat easily pulled off the bone and was delectable (tender and lean).