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    Re: The worst Scotch ad ever.

    Compared to the Dewar's commercials, I think the John Jameson commercials are great. Same larger-than-life adventure story but they are more clever and tactful. I love the Octopus fight.


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    Re: The worst Scotch ad ever.

    That is a good one, imaginative, entertaining and it makes you want to sample the product.
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    Re: The worst Scotch ad ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clavius View Post
    Ad seems to have been removed from YouTube?
    According to just-drinks, Bacardi pulled the ad - link.
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    Re: The worst Scotch ad ever.

    @Dolph - you are spot on - The Jameson commercials are much more interesting and didn't feel the need to go for the cheap and easy joke. I found the commercial lame - the wingman joke has been done and there are other ways they could have shown a friend helping a friend. While Ms. Forlani is certainly attractive - in this context she's a booth babe (as per the usual definition - attractive woman selling whisky who doesn't know about whisky). And I wish the industry would move beyond booth babes. And finally maybe because I'm a veteran I find the casual use of phrases like - Jumping on a grenade, taking a bullet for you, etc - cheapens and lessens the real heroism of the actual guys in the military who in fact have jumped on grenades and taken bullets for their buddies. Just my two cents. Now back to whisky - and it definitely won't be a Dewar's.



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