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    Ezra Brooks 15 year

    Hi All,

    I was checking the sale prices on www.intenetwines.com and noticed that they are listing Ezra Brooks 15 Year at about $18 (not including shipping) marked down from $36. Has anyone tried this one? If so, is it worth picking up for the price, figuring shipping adds about $10 a bottle?


    High Desert Whiskey Fan

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    Re: Ezra Brooks 15 year

    Hi Mike,

    This is Ezra B? Their regular price is outrageous. I paid $25.99, and that wasn't at a discount store. At the sale price, though, and figuring that it would cost less than $10/bottle for several bottles, if you can't get it locally, go for it. The bourbon is excellent (assuming you like old, oaky bourbon, which I do).


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    Re: Ezra Brooks 15 year

    I'll second the nod to Ezra B 15. On a business trip to Atlanta over the weekend I picked it up for around $24. I haven't seen it on the shelf here in Connecticut. I enjoyed it myself, more of a refined, oaky version of the black label Ezra. By comparison, I found the Old Ezra 7 YO to be rather sweet, almost maple syrupy in flavor. Also recommended (at New Hampshire price of $10).

    J. Rocco
    CT Shoreline, USA

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    Re: Ezra Brooks 15 year

    I notice that a 12-year old version of E.B. is available from one of the german whisky-shops who does mail order. Is this, in reality, a 12-year old Very Old Barton? For sure, it canīt be original Medley whiskey, or?

    I also happen to have a soft spot for somewhat oaky bourbon. I know that this is a difficult question to answer but how would you compare its oakiness to, say, Knob Creek or W.T. Rare Breed?

    Best wishes,




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